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Writing English Drama Scripts in ESL Class

Writing English Drama Scripts in ESL Class English learners need to use their English in productive settings to improve their communicative skills. One of the most fun ways to do this is by working on collaborative projects. Students work together towards some tangible goal such as a business presentation, creating a powerpoint slide or by performing a short work for each other. This lesson plan focuses on helping students write a short script, practice the dialogue and perform for fellow students. Having students perform a short drama script that theyve developed combines a number of production skills through working in groups. Some of the territory covered includes: Writing skills - writing up the scriptPronunciation - working on stress and intonation when actingFocus on specific terminology depending on subject - including target vocabulary taken from previous lessonsNegotiation skills with other students - working together to choose a romantic film, choosing appropriate language for linesImproving confidence - acting in front of others This activity is especially useful after students have been studying a particular topic area over a period of time. In the example lesson, Ive chosen romantic films for classes that have been developing their understanding of relationships. Its best to start off by exploring related vocabulary through the use of vocabulary trees and related exercises. Once students have expanded their vocabulary knowledge, they can work on speaking about relationships through the use of modal verbs of deduction for giving advice. Finally, students can put together their newly won knowledge by putting it all together creating a script on their own.   Drama Script Lesson Plan Aim: Building conversational and team working skills in English Activity: Creating an English drama script based on a romantic film Level: Intermediate to advanced level learners Outline: Ask students to name a romantic film. Make sure that most if not all of the students are familiar with the film.As a class, have the students choose a film with a limited (best two, three, or four) number of characters that are crucial to the overall plot of the film.Write the characters up on the board as in a dialogue between the characters.Solicit lines from the class for a short portion of the scene. Encourage students to use vocabulary theyve learned throughout the course of the past few lessons.Read the lines dramatically, have students practice the lines in their own small groups. Keep the focus on the acting to help focus on stress and intonation in pronunciation.Explain the project to the class. Stress that students should create the lines themselves, rather than try to find a clip from the film and reproduce the lines individually.Pass out the project worksheet.Have students access the internet to find the plot outlines on the site suggested below or another movie spoiler s ite. Once students have found the plot outlines, print out the outline so students can work together in groups to choose the appropriate scene.Follow the directions below in the handout for the students. Project: Writing a Drama Script You’re going to write your own script for a scene from a movie about a romantic relationship. Here are the steps: Go to a romantic movie that you already know.Read through the movie description and choose one short scene (or paragraph) from the description to write a script for.Choose your characters. There should be one character for each person in your group.Write the script using the description as your guideline. Try to imagine what each person would say in that situation.Practice your script in your group until you feel comfortable with your lines.Get up and perform! You’re a STAR baby!! Next stop: Hollywood!

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Catchment Health and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Catchment Health and Management - Essay Example These concerns and conflicts gradually led community leaders to recognize the need for integrated catchment management (ICM), which is the planning and management of a river or groundwater catchment's natural resources to achieve sustainable use for social and economic development. 1. Give an example of a sequence of events relevant to catchment management that conform with a complete Adaptive Cycle. Describe the sequence in terms of the three properties or dimensions of the Cycle. The development of catchment-scale stream rehabilitation programmes in many parts of the world marks a shift from the application of reach-based engineering principles towards an adoption of ecosystem-centred, adaptive and participatory approaches to river management. From a biophysical viewpoint, this represents recognition of the importance of the inherent geodiversity of aquatic ecosystems and the benefits that are gained through enhancing natural recovery mechanisms. As this approach to river management matures, it is important that its key elements and assumptions are subjected to critical appraisal. In this paper, the main features of contemporary catchment-wide programmes are examined through a review of pertinent literature and through examination of various case studies from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Emerging challenges and tensions include those of generating an authentic and functional biophysical vision at the catchment scale, of developing a proactive a daptive management approach, of achieving genuine community participation and of integrating biophysical and social factors in a transdisciplinary framework. Issues of scale, natural variability and complexity must be addressed in meeting these challenges. The effects of a non-station ary climate on a water management system in the Warta River Catchment in Central Poland which already suffers from seasonal water deficits are exam ined in this paper. To determine a range of possible implications of global change on the region of interest, two scenarios were selected for the study: the warm-dry scenario predicted by the GFDL model, and warm scenario obtained from the GISS model. It is shown that the basin's water supply and demand are both sensitive and vulnerable to clim atic changes. Possible adaptation options to cope with further degradation of domestic, industrial and agricultural water supplies are recommended. 2. There is increasing pressure to restore disturbed areas to aesthetically-pleasing and functional ecosystems. Although the former objective may be relatively easily met, the second is not so simple. Outline some of the complexities that the rehabilitation officer might encounter when trying to restore a disturbed area to a fully-functioning ecosystem. The effects associated with land-use change are multiple and have an impact on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems over continental, regional and local scales. Separating and ascribing a particular effect to any individual causal factor is difficult as it requires consideration not only of geographical scale but also the historical aspect of the land-use change. Increasingly, government

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NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSESSMENT ON BROUTYFERRY DUNDEE .SCOTLAND - Essay Example Dundee also has numerous clubs and pubs that cater to the needs of its diverse student population as well as the local inhabitants (Day and Gentry 2012). The Dundee Repertory Theatre is Scotland’s only repertory theatre and is widely recognized for its exceptional productions. Other ordinary theatres in Dundee are the Gardyne Theatre, Whitehall Theatre, and The Little Theatre. The Scottish School of modern Dance is also located at Dundee College. The city regularly plays host to a various festivals such as the jazz, blues, flower, dance, and food festivals (Gifford 2012). However, this number gets boosted during learning seasons when students come to attend Dundee’s universities and college. Dundee is particularly famous for its celebrated universities that boast approximately 40,000 students (King 2011). The Dundee University, in particular, has been able to attract well known scientists to it faculty, who have contributed to world class research studies. In addition, the ‘Centre of Excellence’ which is located in the University of Abertay, is internationally considered as an authority in the education concerning computer games. Many young entrepreneurs have been attracted to Dundee by the reputations of its educational institutions, and thus there has been a lot of job creation in the sector concerned with computer games. Broughty Ferry actually sits on the northern shore of river Tay. Broughty Ferry is a leafy neighbourhood situated in Dundee, Scotland in Great Britain. Broughty Ferry has a population of approximately 13,155 persons (Hall 2003). This region’s population is mainly comprised of young families and the semi retired. Most of Broughty Ferry’s residents tend to reside in large semi-detached as well as detached homes located in the exclusive rural as well as suburban areas. Most of Broughty Ferry’s inhabitants have high disposable incomes because of their specialized skills in varied fields. Broughty F erry was once a precinct for the jute barons of Dundee, and it was believed to be the home of some of the richest men in Europe. The numerous Victorian mansions that still dot its landscape are a testimony of that past era. The most famous attraction in Broughty Ferry is the Broughty Castle. This structure was constructed in the 1490s. It has been the centre of many disagreements about its true ownership. Between 1547 and 1550, it was occupied exclusively by the British (Hall 2003). Broughty Ferry has also functioned as a fishing port for a long time. Broughty Ferry’s ferry service to Tayport has been a vital connection between the ports of the east coast in the last few centuries. This was prior to the creation of the Tay Rail Bridge. In the course of the 19th Century, there was swift development in this area as a result of the establishment of the railway running through Arbroath and Dundee in 1838. The short standard train service between the Ferry and Dundee inspired resi dents to travel away in order to avoid the persistent smog that was the result of industrialization. During this period, the men who had grown wealthy from Dundee’s thriving jute industry began to build mansions in Broughty Ferry. Today, Broughty Ferry is a beautiful city with a scenic seafront, a harbour and an esplanade, and white sandy beaches. It has become quite popular with tourists and a wonderful place for sight-seers and walking enthusiasts. Broughty Ferry boasts a wide selection of four and five star hotels

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Exploring Business, v. 2.0 book Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exploring Business, v. 2.0 book - Article Example Trade is also measured through the concepts of trade surplus and trade deficit (134). There are tremendous opportunities for a business entity to enter the global markets, such as licensing agreements, contract manufacturing and outsourcing, alliances and joint ventures, FDIs and subsidiaries (140). This provides the business to grow extensively and create a market share on the international market. However, companies must be cautious and carefully consider the global business environment which would be vital for the success of the globalization plan. Companies should be sensitive on factors such as cultural environment, language, sociability, and intercultural communication (152). Trade controls will also play a critical role in engaging in globalization. Tariffs and quotas are present in every country which protects its vital and developing local industries (167). The reduction of trade barriers, such free trade agreements, also helps strengthen the regional trading market by bolstering the import and export between the member countries (171). International business is truly a lucrative field to develop a career, and preparing for such would require early strategic planning (179). Choosing an undergraduate degree specializing of a core business concept would be a strong foundation to prosper in an international business career. Studying international politics, economics, and culture, covering the concepts discussed above, will provide indispensible tools in doing international trades and business. Lastly, is developing the know-how of communicating in foreign languages (179). Being able to communicate with clients in their mother-tongue would definitely increase the changes of successful business

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Counseling: My Personal Evolution Essay -- Counseling, Therapy

As with any academic venture there are times when a student is engulfed in self doubt and is distressed by the inevitability of change. Although these factors present themselves throughout many parts of the educational process, there remains a sense of purpose rooted in the belief of true compatibility. Nestled within this attraction is the opportunity to develop an external character that mirrors the beauty of the internal. It is this congruency in which one is motivated to continue on the journey to become a counselor. Throughout this journey I have been afforded the opportunity to become aware of the strengths and growing edges that I possess. When I consider the time I have spent in the counseling program thus far, I am reminded that in such a short amount of time I have evolved from an individual who was guarded and very much afraid of change and the efforts of social interaction, to a man exhilarated by human interaction and the opportunities provided to further my personal evo lution. In order to expand on this idea of growth I will reflect upon my current strengths and weakness, my personal reservations, and current interpersonal factors as they relate to intentional interviewing skills. Strengths and Areas of Improvement As I reflect upon the counseling relationship, I am drawn to the idea of genuine human interaction, an interaction characterized by openness to communication and a general setting free of judgment. It is within this relationship that I will be able to offer the ability in which the universe has gifted me. It’s within this true interaction in which I my true strength reside. Throughout the time I have been provided to learn and study the art of counseling, I have come to the conclusion that attending t... ... peace has grown, and the capability of recognizing my growing edges has allowed my evolution to them to a more enlightened individual. A reflective tool such as this paper has allowed me to delve deeper into what becoming an effective counselor really means. It has allowed me to understand a part of myself that I have neglected, a part of me that is an essential part of who I am, but I have shunned due to fear of acceptance. It has been through this process that I have come to the conclusion that although I may possess moments of weakness, it is the manner in which I react to these moments, in which I will be judged and the substance that I take from having them in which I will succeed. Having considered myself in counseling and the strengths in which I possess, I aspire to enrich the lives of others by assisting them to overcome barriers to true happiness.

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Inner City Neighborhoods

Writing 100 – Essay 4 One problem that faces inner city neighborhoods is boredom. Everyday residents may be scared to leave their homes late at night out of fear that something might happen because of danger. Whether it’s getting mug on the sidewalk or being held at gun point because someone wants to steal their car, any reason is a good enough reason for these residents to be scared for their lives. Residents have to come up with ideas to help improve the reoccurring crimes. I’m sure that political figures would also like to help these inner city neighborhoods, but don’t always have the funding to do so.Individuals who drop out of college or even high school at such a young age can’t do much with their lives because they have no skills to get them a job. One bad decision like having unprotected sex, can lead to failing at life which can cause pregnancies at an early age. These harmless children are forced to grow up in around people who won’ t make the right decisions for them at a young age which causes them to mistakenly make the same decisions that their parents made. Situations like these, where young children can’t get the help they need, are what cause high unemployment rates.Sadly, this doesn’t only happen in inner city neighborhoods. I’ve seen it happen in my own neighborhood with kids that I have grown up with and decided that certain decisions would be okay and those same decisions took over their lives and took away opportunities that they can now never get back. If there were more centers in inner city areas with either free or cheap activities for citizens, more kids, teens, and young adults would have activities or games to do instead of walking the streets.It would stop people from doing drugs, robbing stores, or hurting passersby on the sidewalk, from getting drunk and trying to take advantage of one another and making hurtful decisions. One example of a hurtful decision was in Janua ry of this year in Brooklyn. A New York City policeman was shot in the back of the head while pursuing a man who had reportedly been armed with a gun. I happen to know the policeman, Officer Brennan, who’s his young daughter and wife are what gave him the power to believe that he could make it through this tragedy.If people go to these centers, maybe they wouldn’t stay out as late. However, if they’re not free, it’s less money that they can spend on drugs and alcohol. These would be centers where one can rent equipment and a court to play select sports for a certain amount of time. For example, on Long Island there are plenty of things to do in almost any town and crime is lower. In the inner city neighborhoods people have less money and less activities. Having paintball arenas, airsoft arenas, and other controlled environments can be rewarding and reflecting of what good behavior should be like.I’m sure that spending the small amount of money, aro und ten dollars a group, for these activities or games wouldn’t be a problem because some people like to compete and play a lot of pick-up sport games with random people. Growing up in these places just might make future generations fall into the same bad path of doing drugs and the same wrongful decisions and getting into trouble or even getting killed. Every day in the newspapers or on the news you can read or hear about a new story where someone made a bad decision and some innocent person was accidentally harmed or killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.The country has been coming out of a recent state of economic depression which caused various amounts of job loss across the country thus, giving too many people too much free time. And now that the hurricane came and wiped out the nice places, citizens now have less things to do on weekends and their days off from work. I think that crime will increase in these inner city neighborhoods because of these reas ons. I like to know that when I leave my house every day to go to school that I’m not going to die in a car accident because of someone recklessly driving to get away from the police.

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William Shakespeare s Macbeth - Macbeth s Quest For Glory

Evilness itself is a betrayal of the habitual human nature of any person. The natural tendency of a person is morality; however, that inclination can be corrupted and influenced into twisted malevolence. A common image in the play representing this evil is the serpent, shown to be a conniving, wicked tempter. This symbol takes many forms throughout the story, beginning as a comparison of the ideal character Macbeth should strive to be and finishing as yet another threat to Macbeth’s quest for glory. In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have to defy their own human nature to accomplish their desires, namely murdering King Duncan. This action forever changes their mentalities and morals by its test to the strength of their ethics and the loyalty of the relationships to which they belong. Several main betrayals of faith occurred throughout the play, such as Macbeth’s attempt on Banquo and his son’s lives showing his infidelity to his l ongstanding friendship with Banquo. Lady Macbeth was not free from this trend of disloyalty, either. She took part in tempting Macbeth into killing Duncan, the main betrayal of the entire play, which demonstrated her favoring power over her love for her husband. Each of these evil acts was of complete opposition to the natural acts of humanity. Extreme immorality does not come from simply human thought; the idea must be planted into the mind of a human and grown through temptation. The witches’ prophecy for Macbeth, asShow MoreRelatedBlood Imagery in Macbeth Essay1451 Words   |  6 PagesMacbeth is the ultimate story of a fight between the forces of good and evil. It tells the tale of a tragic hero whose quest for power leads to his ultimate downfall. Macbeth starts out as an honorable warrior but changes when his ambition becomes uncontrollable. As he becomes increasingly paranoid, Macbeth uses violent means to eliminate threats to his Scottish throne. As the play progr esses, blood continuously plays a part in the events as the murders become more frequent. William ShakespeareRead More Shakespeares Macbeth - The Transformation of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth2861 Words   |  12 PagesThe Transformation of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth      Ã‚   In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the characters  Macbeth and Lady Macbeth decide, in a great fit of ambition, to kill King Duncan.   Later in the play we see the same two characters undergo a transformation in their personalities after murdering the King.   Macbeth begins the play as a noble soldier and gradually changes into an ambitious and murdering tyrant.   Lady Macbeth begins as a strong, ambitious woman who dominates her husbandRead Moreshakespeare influences16068 Words   |  65 Pagesï » ¿ RESEARCH TOPIC An Analytic Review Of Shakespearean Influence On Faulkner s Tragedy RESEARCH QUESTION How Shakespeare tragic patterns influenced on William Faulkner s writings? NAME: SYEDA AMBREEN FATIMA FATHER’S NAME: SYED HASAN AKHTER SEAT NO: 1315793 ENROLMENT NO: 2013/ENG/M.A(LIT)/15681 DATE OF SUBMISSION: 28TH NOV 2013 SUBMITTED TO: MISS SAMREENRead MoreLooking for Richard Transcript11989 Words   |  48 Pagesand all the doughnuts we can eat. Shakespeare? What the fuck do you know about Shakespeare? Arise, fair sun... ...and kill the envious moon. Like eager droppings into milk, it doth posset and curd. Some are born great, some achieve greatness... ...and some have greatness thrust upon them. Intelligence is hooked with language. When we speak with no feeling, we get nothing out of our society. We should speak like Shakespeare. We should introduce Shakespeare into the academics. You know why